The fourth edition of the NA Youth LAB will take place in Ireland, from 25 to 27 September 2024.

The 2024 edition is an invitation to 'Hold the Present – Embrace the Future', reinforcing the commitment to the continuous and future developments of the European youth programmes and policies at both European and national levels. This 4th edition will have a special significance as it coincides with the mid-term evaluation of the EU Youth Strategy and the current European youth programmes (2021-2027), offering a unique opportunity to reflect on achievements and get prepared for future direction.
With a focus on peer support, diversity, and in a non-formal learning environment, the NA Youth LAB is designed to foster an inspiring atmosphere where NA staff can exchange practices and gain insights. The event encourages a holistic and systemic approach, integrating sharing, learning and experiential methods to ensure a meaningful and impactful experience.



The intentions of the 4th edition of the NA Youth LAB are to:

  • create a space that enables NA staff to learn from each other’s practice and expertise in an inspiring environment where competence development is possible.
  • explore and celebrate the learning and achievements so far and together, look forward, towards the remaining years and the new generation of the European youth programmes.
  • share ideas, concepts and initiatives used/developed for a better implementation of the programmes about specific target groups and youth work and youth policy issues.

The NA Youth LAB will also build on similar processes that will take place under and during the Belgian and Hungarian Presidencies of the Council of the European Union in 2024.

The programme of the NA Youth LAB 2024 will be developed around a series of dimensions, that can be summarised as follows:

  • Me and the bigger picture: the year(s) in review, awareness of my contribution as NA staff, awareness of the impact of the NA work, connection with the future scenarios of youth work, mapping the landscape and understanding the ‘whole’ and how do I relate to them, my role, my interest, my passion, what inspires me?
  • NAs’ health, how to support resilience, approach change, and work on competence development.
  • Network of NAs: connection, sense of belonging, learning with and from others.
  • Programmes implementation: emerging results of the mid-term evaluation, tone and shape of the new programmes, and synergies between the programmes.
  • Peer learning: learning together, from each other, sharing good practices, visits of youth work in practice.
  • Fun 😊 Celebrate relationships and enhance support and trust.

The elements of the programme will therefore include field visits, workshops, and creative sessions, all aimed at building connections, enhancing awareness, and preparing for future challenges in the field of youth work.

group photo


The happy team of the NA Youth LAB 2024 is composed of:

Leargas - Irish NA (host): Suzanne Kavanagh, Dara O'Duill, Kay Mc Cabe
AMPEU - Croatian NA: Danijela Bočvarov 
DSZ - Czech NA: Anna Machova
MUCF Swedish NA - Jonna Svärd Urkedal 
Contact person on behalf of KMST: Tinkara Bizjak, MOVIT, Slovenian NA
General facilitators: Sabrina Apitz and Darko Markovic
Digital facilitator: Jan Lai
Rapporteur: Susie Nicodemi
Coordinator: Gisele Evrard